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Batched produces the most optimal production plan in the label printing industry, leading to a reduction of waste (paper and ink), improving on-time delivery of orders to customers, reducing the overall time from start to shipping of the work order and increasing overall equipment efficiency. It does so with a competitively engineered rules engine, a practical application of Theory of Constraints.

In a job shop scenario, where nearly every job has unique requirements, and every machine in the value stream has different capabilities, batched helps find the most optimal way to do work.

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The Price Transparency product - Snap Transparency - makes price transparency compliance easier for Pharma companies. It collects all the relevant information from the rulings and regulations across various states in the US and identifies compliance mandates for a given drug, for initial launch or subsequent price changes, what needs to be done in which state, and by when.

It automates compliance filings across every state by collecting, formatting, and communicating in the desired formats after applying all the relevant rules and calculations, thereby drastically reducing the (error prone) manual effort that goes into creating, reviewing and authorizing compliance submissions.

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4E helps manufacturing companies (discreet, process, and others) to connect organization goals and performances with day-to-day activities at every level - man, method, material, and machines

4E integrates Policy Management and Daily Works Management for its customers. The targets and actuals of organizational performance, efficiency, and throughput are percolated down from top to bottom, and actuals against those targets are recorded as least as possible human-intensive way.

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