These are not just our collective traits & individual skills for pursuing delivery excellence, but the only way we know how to do business.

Self-organizing & Self-starting

Self-sufficient - capable and accountable for their own decisions.

The team has a perfect composition of the right skills that fit different stages of the product lifecycle, they are fast at organizing themselves and aligning with the problem at hand.

They do not depend on anyone else outside of their team to finish a task, they are complete and empowered enough to take decisions relying on their own expertise & experience.

Risk taking

Bold, cognizant, knowledgeable.

Clarity in meaning, purpose, and impact of individual contribution.

Structure & Clarity (roles, plans & goals, flat hierarchy with no designations).

Psychological safety to take risks and call the shots.

Committed & High Performing

Productivity - team deduces the overall delivery cycle time, skilled & optimized for high yield.

The team decides the working paradigm and the model in which they thrive collectively.

They volunteer, step up and finish what they commit to, and immediately move over to help someone else in the team to finish, thus spiking up the productivity and arriving at a foreseeable burndown.

Recalibrate processes for effectiveness & efficiency

A cohesive, coherent team that has found its collaborative technique for max yield, can absorb members from outside of the organization whenever there is a need that cannot be fulfilled internally. The right team does induction fluently and brings the person into the delivery culture in the quickest possible time.

In another context, such a team is also able to offer assistance to anyone else outside of (or within) the organization in case their expertise is necessary there.

Clarity & Coordination

Strong team agreements, great hand-offs, manage dependencies of deliverables.

The team knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses very well, they own up to their share and are able to solve problems better together, because of close interaction & mutual trust.

Have conversations, express, flag off, inspect and adapt, appraise, appreciate, and recognize a job well done.

Inclusive decision making

The team is involved in all decisions & exercises conviction to ensure that the decision is enacted in full force for expected outcomes.

A high level of cohesion reduces instances of friction, and doubt, thereby ensuring things finish as planned & agreed. 

Cross Functional Teams breed Innovation