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Execute with the most trustworthy principles known to software engineering.

Taking a viable product to its desirable outcomes is achieved only by fine execution, which turns user delight into benchmarked success. We
are a team of entrepreneurs who have built, scaled and exited enterprise class products. We understand the excellence and expertise software
product development demands, that reduce the missteps to ensure early success and returns.

Discovery of
user needs
Program over
Roadmap for all
Strategy for

Continuous solution discovery for the 
problems worth solving..

Problem Discovery

Spend just the right amount of 
time on the problem statement. 
Interview the stakeholders. 
Conduct discovery workshops 
with the users, assess andarticulate 
their compelling need.

Customer Discovery

Know who shall pay for the 
product, who identifies with 
the objective, and who seeks 
the solution to their problem. 
Identify how many & who shall 
be your first referenceable customers. 

Solution Discovery

It is the differentiator in solutioning 
that shall propel the 
product. Dig to the roots of the 
end user, wear their shoes, to 
articulate without a doubt, the 
nerve that excites them to use 
the product.


Prepare a viable product backlog 
with a purpose & measurable 
earned value. Minimum 
Saleable Product is a fully functional 
slice of the aspirational 
product that the users would 
love and keep wanting more of.


Structure product development lifecycle with 
multiple milestones of outcome than output

Never astray on the Customer Journey

Walk with the customer through the journey of problem awareness, 
cognizance of the solution, consistent development & service 

Reverse map delightful experience to ideation

If the outcome can be defined, the scale of opportunity can be determined 
to yield ideas. Keeping an eye on what was achieved, increases 
the potential of value acceptance.

Bring the roadmap to life with an immaculate 
delivery plan

Bringing what is envisioned to reality needs thorough planning and 
enablement. Empower the product leaders to slay the dragon, cuddle 
the kitten, or carry the sewage.

Quantify everything. 
It really helps.

Derive a quantitative metric for the objectives. If it can be measured, 
you can safely experiment to know what works, what gets you closer, 
what you have achieved, what must change.


Achieve the critical mass that generates a strong 

Plan for growth, auto-scale is not a myth

Create a knowledge framework. Mind your velocity to deliver fast 
and defer decisions if they cannot be made responsibly today - 
focus hard on processes and workflows that succeed on autopilot. 
What can transform customers ...


Expect the conflagration, it is a good 
problem to have

Things can get noisy very fast, do not resist the flow. Channelize 
the madness with the method, strengthen what works already, 
building upon proven ratification principles. Circle back to your 
product-market fit and referenceable ...


Drain the swamp

Waste is worse than loss. It accumulates liabilities making them 
harder to deal with over time, slowing us down from reaching the 
intended goal. If only we had a penny for every time someone said, 
“let’s keep it...


Empower teams for effectiveness

Generate a trust circle within teams. Treat the product leaders 
and developers with respect, as competent, motivated professionals 
so that they can take decisions based on their knowledge 
and experience...


Delivery Culture
for Outcomes
Led by Entrepreneurs

Fortified Agile practices for business agility, high visibility, 
control and accountability. The burndown makes 
release planning easier and foreseeable, with a better 
grasp on cost of effort.

Split the discovery and delivery with Dual Track Agile 
to build in quality first, reduce iterations to increase 
speed of delivery, keep overall development cost in 
check by correcting course as often as necessary. 

Use the hierarchy from the Agile realm to disintegrate 
large-scope software requirements into Themes, Initiatives, 
Features and Stories to visualize & track manageable 
chunks of work from definition to design to delivery.

Shift left practice to begin testing early on, reducing 
chances of defects much later in the lifecycle, which as 
we know, exponentially increases cost of quality. Quality 
brings Delight brings Satisfaction. An unquantifiable 

Leveraging a robust & proven DevOps practice that 
supports uneven sprints, and shorter, continuous 
cycles of the design-to-delivery process. Process efficiency 
over velocity.

Work with a team that runs with a high sense of ownership, 
customer focus, collaborative development 
techniques and aligned values and ethics for behavioural 


A sequence of time-critical decisions that extend 
product’s capability to dream more, do more


Well-rounded, cross-functional teams to manage & deliver 
in the end-to-end product lifecycle


Being a team of driven, experienced thought leaders who have built and 
sold successful products, we understand products -the what & 
how to build a great one. This is our raison d'etre. 

-Team Caizin

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