Success Stories

Success Stories

What it is?

Batched is an advanced production planning and scheduling software that learns your data inside and out, then puts it back to work to:

Boost Machine Utilization

Take the guesswork out of capacity planning

Reduce material waste

Reduce lead times and maximize on-time delivery

Improve margins

How we delivered

Moved Client-Server system to Cloud First system; delivered working software in 3months by doing AWS native implementation, fully leveraging the capabilities offered by AWS ecosystem.

Team fully responsible for end-to-end product. Managing decide, plan, build, run, monitor, support.

Serving 15 clients by Dec-21. Target of 50 clients by Jun-22. Infrastructure built to scale as per demand.

Monitoring dashboards, real time application / infrastructure alarms to keep track of pulse of the system.

What it is?

Empowering Employees for Effectiveness & Efficiency

Collaboration across cross functions

Umbrella for all enterprise applications

Digitalizing manual data 

Percolating Organization Goals to Bottom most KPI

Data Driven Decision

Secure Product

DWM with improvement identification and resolution

How we delivered

Problem Validated by 3 customers by Presenting PPT of the Product Mockup

First Order received on the floor after the PPT. Started the product development after an order.

First customer onboarded, after 12 months. Accelerated product development by leveraging AWS Platform

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