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4E empowers a data-driven day to day view of the organization effectiveness. It enables the principles of Daily Work Management and Policy Management, combined with, as much as possible, automated data collection from each and every part of the organization leading to measurement, collaboration, action planning and standardization.


A US based industrial consulting firm has partnered with Caizin to develop a highly effective production planning product for job shop kind of industries - where constraints related to man, method, materials and machines have to continuously evaluated to identify most effective schedule towards goals of least make span time, least wastage, highest possible OEE, on time delivery and margin improvements.

Why 4E?


For leaders of the organization, looking at organization performance against policies (strategic, daily work management, TPM et al) on day to day basis is either not possible or achieved through monthly MIS.
In today’s world, integrating every aspect of organization (man, method, material and machine) through as real time as possible data collection and integration is key to effectiveness and competitive edge.
How much we can improve and how fast we can react, is only possible through aligning everyone’s goals in the organization in a single direction in a tiered manner and ability to see where to focus today for a future impact.

Benefits of 4E

Centralized definition of DWM and Policy Management KPIs across the organization
Data integration on demand with every software, IoT and Scada system in the enterprise for automated data collection
Trend analysis, root cause analysis, and CAP-DO for every KPI with action planning
Easy identification and evangelism of candidates for standardization
Up to date view of organization performance and effectiveness at fingertips

Why Batched?

The Label Printing industry deals with day-to-day challenges of planning how to increase utilisation of machine and manpower, reduce wastage and delivery delays. This becomes a daunting job when there is a need to finish more than 500 jobs per day across various machines in the most efficient manner.
This results in to typically about 1.2 million ways to finish a set of 500 jobs in a given day. Batched helps create the most optimal and self-adjusting job schedule per machine in this ever changing environment.

Benefits of Batched

Centralized configuration to job constraints, machine constraints and changeover scenarios
Integration with existing ERP system to avoid dual entry of data
Cloud scale to run compute intensive algorithms, so no additional hard investment by the Client
Updated schedule runs and ERP data synchronization every hour
Value reports providing insights in OEE, on time delivery, wastage reduction, cost savings and machine availability for jobs.