Platform Thinking

Platform Thinking

Long Term Horizon

Optimizing Technology Investment

Caizin constantly invests in capabilities and technology components, which are required for world class products, but may not have a visible value to end customer.

DevOps Architechture Principles

Architecture Principles

Well defined, proven, industry standard & repeatable architecture principles


12-factor app 

Application architecture based on 12-factor app principles for building SaaS applications 

Single Codebase Explicit Dependencies Externally managed config Backing Services Build, Release, Run Stateless Processes Port binding Concurrency Disposability Dev/Prod Parity Logs as Event Streams Admin Processes


Software delivery at scale with industry leading automation and dev ops practices  


AWS Expertise  

Years of AWS expertise in ensuring secure, reliable, highly available, self monitored, and cost optimized deployments 

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Cost Optimization
  • Operational Excellence

Synopsis & Expertise

Rather than reinventing the wheel, leveraging components and integrating them; which reduces cost and cycle time to build the product. Apart from reusability, Architecting with a long-term approach and designing for the short term will be a key difference to optimize the investments.

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