Our Core Values

Our Core Values

As a team member of the Company, it is important for you to appreciate, enhance and uphold our core values, which essentially hold the foundation of our culture:


Being a product, technology and design organization, empathy is core to our approach and success. Understanding the user emotion and deeply caring for user needs will lead to better products. At the same time, being curious and understanding towards feelings of fellow colleagues will build a culture of trust. Without trust, there is no team and customers would not stay.


We aim to be the best of our capabilities and persevere for best possible expression of our work. We constantly find improvements in approach, practices, output and outcome. We believe that a pursuit of excellence creates customer delight and develops mutual respect within the team.


The sense of ownership differentiates a product organization with a services organization. Beyond the boundaries of roles and responsibilities, individual capabilities and constraints, we always are passionate towards the outcome.

Sense of Urgency

Sense of urgency does not mean working 20 hours a day and losing a work life balance. We are laser focused on delivering value to the customer as soon as possible through our products. Identifying, discussing and remediation of any process, repeated work, and not prioritizing value to customer above everything are some examples of lesser sense of urgency.

We have openings!!

Always on the lookout for good candidates with a Product mindset and experience irrespective of technology. If you think you can add value to the team, first browse our openings otherwise feel free to write us at hello@caizin.com