Delivery Excellence

Delivery Excellence


Delivery Excellence is a customer-centric approach to defining, building, and releasing a continuous flow of valuable products and services to customers and users. It is one of the seven core competencies of the Lean Enterprise, each of which is essential to achieving Business Agility. Each core competency is supported by a specific assessment, which enables the enterprise to assess their proficiency. These core competency assessments, along with recommended improvement opportunities, are available from the Measure and Grow article. 

Why Agile Product Delivery/ Delivery Excellence? 

In order to achieve Business Agility, enterprises must rapidly increase their ability to deliver innovative products and services. To be sure that the enterprise is creating the right solutions for the right customers at the right time, they must balance their execution focus with a customer focus. These capabilities are mutually supportive and create opportunities for sustained market and service leadership.  

There are three dimensions to Agile product delivery.

Customer Centricity and Design Thinking – Customer centricity puts the customer at the center of every decision and uses design thinking to ensure the solution is desirable, feasible, viable, and sustainable.

Develop on Cadence; Release on Demand – Developing on cadence helps manage the variability inherent in product development. Decoupling the release of value assures customers can get what they need when they need it.

DevOps and the Continuous Delivery Pipeline – DevOps and the Continuous Delivery Pipeline creates the foundation that enables Enterprises to release value, in whole or in part, at any time to meet customer and market demand.

Fit to Purpose

Based on the product stage, product and delivery management methods matter

Synopsis & Expertise

A self-managed, documentation and chatops obsessors by following appropriate practices, tools, and automation. Following fit-to-purpose delivery models and release cycles based on customer’s product context, business objectives, and market scenario.

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